Evaluate the effectiveness of your website with SITE EVALUATOR

What is Website Support?

The great thing about the Internet is that it has allowed us to get closer to customers.  And customers today expect to connect to you quickly and easily.

Having a good website customer support system is important to establishing good customer relationships.

What are the best ways to provide good support on your site?

  • Contact Form 
  • Chat support
  • Forums today
  • Toll-free number 
  • Skype

Site support, or online “customer service" is a critical website element which may convert a one-time buyer into a loyal client. Therefore, increasing your site support score will impact your sales.  

How is the Website Support calculated?

Interacting with customers at key “touch points” (decision points) is another opportunity to provide great service and keep your customer coming back for more.

In order to evaluate site support, Site Evaluator looks at the feedback and/or communication methods offered on your site. Site support score is based on contact options availability score and turnaround time score. Turnaround time score is based on online chat support and email support.

How can you improve your Website Support score?

To increase your site support score, increase the customer support services that you offer on your site, decrease the automated services and evaluate the timeliness of the responses that a typical customer would receive.

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