Evaluate the effectiveness of your website with SITE EVALUATOR

What is Website Performance?

Internet shoppers today expect performance and service. We have all experienced slow sites – even with a very short wait, we immediately click away. If your site takes time to load, you could be losing valuable customers. It also creates a negative impression of your company.

Therefore, when we measure performance, we measure how quickly the web pages load for the user.

How does Performance impact your website ranking?

Studies have shown that web page load times play a significant role in user experience and website conversions (sales). The faster the website page loads, the better is the user experience and the more likely will the visit result in a sale. A good target for a site page load is under one second.

How can you improve your website performance score?

In order to streamline your load time, consider checking the following items on your site:

  • Are the images too big?
  • Has any unnecessary code used on my website?

One of the few questions you might want to ask your development team is how your website's speed is performing. Always make sure that your developers are adjusting or compressing the sizes of your images on your pages to lessen the load time.

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