Evaluate the effectiveness of your website with SITE EVALUATOR

What is Site Usability?

Can your customer easily find what they want on your website? Does your website have a search function? Is your website easy to navigate?

Customers like a website that is easy to navigate and understand. If it’s difficult to find your products or services, or the ordering process is cumbersome, customers become frustrated and abandon their purchase.

Usability is a measure of how easy a website is explored and navigated.

Customers look for easy, intuitive web sites. If they do not find what they want immediately, they leave.  

The lesson is pretty simple: ease of navigation translates into sales. Your website acts as your self-service counter. If your website directs your customers consistently through your products to the order form, then you may have a sale.

How can you improve your site usability score?

Providing the following services on your site will increase usability:

  • Search function
  • Site map

Lastly, make sure that there are no broken links on your site.

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